Diet chart to stay healthy

11 Apr

Living a good life is simply a mantra to stay healthy and happy. A normal day passes out by being engaged with work and fulfilling all the responsibilities. With the day to day life, we must take an eye into our health. Good health is a way to grab out a good life. But many a time it can be seen that almost every people suffer out in maintaining a proper routine to stay healthy and due to the busy schedules, many people do not look enough to the health to maintain. 

To be active and healthy, eating the right food can store out the energy that can provide to the health that will energize and boost up one by allowing to stay healthy and active throughout the day.

The diet chart to stay healthy

To stay healthy, we must eat the right food along with following out upon consumption of the foods following the right time and routine. There goes with a routine that everyone must know and attempt to follow it up. Here is a list of a diet chart that will help out in maintaining the balance of life. The list follows out as:

  • 7 am – Being yours with a glass filled with warm water and lemon juice. You can make it taste better by adding honey that will help out in burning the calories.

  • 7.30 am – Enjoy up drinking a cup of green tea with a ragi biscuit.

  • 8 am – As the clock strikes 8, you can go for a good plate of heavy breakfast. Eating a loaded breakfast will help out in boosting the energy into your body that will keep you active throughout the day. You can go for eating sandwiches, brown bread with eggs, oatmeal, Indian bread with loaded veggies, healthy veggies with fruits in it, adding on a glass of fruit juice. Remember skipping your breakfast won’t be a good idea at all.

  • 11 am – Enjoy up drinking a glass of fruit juice or simply eat fruits. You can go to eating some healthy snacks, eating dry fruit is also beneficial. You can choose to eat walnut, almonds that are good for the brain, skin, and hair.

  • 12 pm – Since it’s noon now, you can go to drinking a cup of green tea.

  • 1 pm – It’s the best time for lunch and going for your lunch will help you stay energetic for the other half of the day. Remember that lunch should be lighter than your breakfast. You can go for brown rice or Indian bread with a plate of veggies. Going for meat at some days is not at all bad idea to grab some protein. 

  • 4 pm – you can now enjoy up with your another round of snacks where you can go for a sandwich with brown bread, dry fruits like nuts, or even you can enjoy up eating a bowl of popcorn with no butter.

  • 8 pm – As it is dinner time now, you should keep a note that this should be the lightest meal of the day where you can go for Indian bread with veggies, salad or soup.

  • Before bedtime go for a glass of milk. This will complete your meal for the day with some good sleep.

Eating healthy is necessary to stay healthy. Maintaining this diet chart will let you get good health and life.

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